ST. PADDY’S DAY REVELRY: A leprechaun, a fairy, and a white witch walk into a pub…

Ground Zero for Irish luck

Sure, there’ll probably be big, shiny shamrocks strung up at your local ‘hood haunt, but if you feel like celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with a wee bit more panache, let Ms. Go Go guide you to the best Irish isle extravaganzas in Angel City.

Casey’s Irish Pub (613 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles 90017, 213.599.7034, caseysirishpub.comThe inside word is that Downtown’s nightlife  czar Cedd Moses and the Casey’s crew have reserved 30 barrels of Guinness — not to mention Guinness girls, Jameson girls, Bud Light Girls (you get the picture, Go Go’ers…) — for L.A.’s biggest bacchanalia of beer, bagpipes, and beads.

The greening of Grand Avenue between Wilshire and 6th kicks off at  6:00A.M. and ends at 2:00 A.M. the next morning with breakfast, beer, music, parades, leprechauns, beads, beer, lunch, beer, whiskey, music, beer, whiskey, dinner,  whiskey, music, and oh yeah, more beer in between.   Satellite party pods at Pershing Square and Cole’s offer bagpipes and corned beef respectively.  You’ll probably be able to find some beer nearby.

Lucky for all you liquored up lads and lassies, Casey’s has thought ahead so you don’t have to: cabs will be standing by.  Slainte, baby!

Monte Cristo Nightclub (3100 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90005, 10:00pm, RSVP required, If leprechauns aren’t your preferred fey fantasy creatures, come visit the Green Fairy at the 4th Annual Mad Hatter’s Absinthe Party for Goth girls and boys.  

In addition to la fee verte, expect a full tea party spread, and the wearing of the green to be augmented with plenty of black as well as extravagant, neo-Victorian and Alice-in-Irishland fantasy wear.

Lush lifers can expect absinthe-dreamy music; DJ Xian and Baron spin ethereal, dark 80’s, neo-classical and more.

Think of it as L.A.’s black Irish celebration….

Mindshare: Los Angeles (L.A. Center Studios, 1037 West 6th Street, Los Angeles 90017; $15-$30. Tix/Directions/Parking :
Info :     If your Irish eyes like your entertainment to be intellectual as well as inebriated, Mindshare Los Angeles is your cup of Tullamore Dew.

The half-priced happy hour  starts at 7:00 with hors d’oeuvres, Irish drinking songs, and “mischievous leprechauns”.  (And really, you wouldn’t want them any other way.)  Costumes encouraged with a prize for the best get-up; no hint as to whether Gaelic garb gets special consideration.   

The St. Paddy’s Day program features “author, entrepreneur and futurist” Alex Lightman on Sea Shepherds, L.A.’s “white witch” Maja D’Aoust on “leprechauns, fairies and mythology’s role in culture”, and “wild animal rescuer and rehabilitator” Victoria Campbell on the Wild Things Sanctuary.

If you’re staying through (or just coming for) the witching hour, Bootie L.A. DJ ShyBoy will lay down mash-ups ’til midnight.

For all Irish-inclined Wild Things, let the wild rumpus start….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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