Ms. Go Go regrets ONCE AGAIN…

Ouch baby.

…that she is temporarily hors de combat: sidelined, out of commission, down for the count…although certainly not out.

Due to an unfortunate and painful knife-meets-finger accident, there will be no post this week but stay tuned for more Ms. Go Go fun and frolic soon.

Ready? U Know U(‘ll) Want 2 Go Go….

6 Comments Add yours

  1. So sorry to hear that. I hope you mend ultra fast.
    Saw Marty in Arcadia Tuesday he was fab. I hope he’s taking good care of you.

    1. Thanks to excellent care by Mr. Go Go, I’m in the pink and ready to Go Go, John! Thanks for good wishes!

  2. KEITH says:

    KIM-O –
    I hope you at least got to finish what I assume was a fabulous gourmet entree. Did you have stitches? Use the long weekend to rest & heal.

    1. Thanks, Keith, the food was fab despite the digit debacle!

  3. Pat Griffith says:

    oooohhhh, ick! Better anesthetize that!

    1. Pat, did you mean my finger or the food?!

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