Nothing more need be said.

Go Go’ers, unless you’re watching comedy in church (and if you are…seriously?) then you know to expect at least a smidgen of swear words with your stand-up.   The Holy F*ck should not, however, be mistaken for the aforementioned sanctified snicker-fest nor is it an alternative missionary pose for Holy Rollers.  It is the name  of (and common reaction to) the free, twice-a-month, stand-up comedy event at the Downtown Independent Theater.

Quality comedians.  For free.  Hence, the expletive.

If you’ve never checked out HF, which has featured HBO/Comedy Central stalwarts such as Louis CK and Aziz Ansari,  there’s no better time to take the plunge than tomorrow night’s Holy F*cktacular, the one-year anniversary celebration of the irreverent (obvs!) amusathon, which in addition to the free comedy and comfy seats,  promises “cheap beer” and “hot chicks”.

It’s unclear if the latter element is a shameless promotional tool, a complimentary and/or optimistic description of the attendees (lured perhaps by the promise of cheap beer), or a paean to the babes of comedy Maria Bamford (Target Xmas commercials diva/Judd Apatow’s fave comedian) and Joselyn Hughes (VH1, Comedy Central) but the answer is probably d) All of the above.

Bamford and Hughes are the only femmes who bring the funny Tuesday night but the ten-comic line-up  also includes TJ Miller and Matt Braunger (both on Comedy Central’s Hot List 2009).

“Hot” guys: they may not get top billing but they usually out rank comfy seats.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Holy F*cktacular

Tuesday, November 22 @ 9:00PM

Downtown Independent Theater

251 South Main Street

Los Angeles 90012