BLOODY RED HEART: For teens, it’s the new pink….

If you’re a teenage girl, know a teenage girl, were a teenage girl, or want to know what makes teenage girls tick (Teenage boys, take note), scribble a purple marker reminder on your arm to  see Bloody Red Heart.

The play is an adaptation of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write About What Fires Up Their Lives Today, a collection of essays written by girls thirteen to nineteen and edited by Amy Goldwasser, an editorial consultant and freelance writer for publications such as Elle and Seventeen. Goldwasser was working with the Lower Eastside Girls Club and was so inspired by the girls’ writing that she decided to collect the essays for a book, which was published in 2007.  The only criteria for submission to the book (and for a recent, local contest to have an essay included in the L.A. play) was that it had to be true.

Goldwasser and Tom Bryant adapted the book into the script (directed by Leslie Ferreira), which changes from show to show, but every word is written by a teenage girl.   (All of the characters are played by teenage girls as well.)  Audience members expecting wall- to-wall angst and lots of black nail polish will be surprised to learn that when Wasserman put out the call for submissions, she posted the following:

“*Hint: Because it’s always easier to write about WHAT’S WRONG, you’ll have a better shot at being selected if you choose to write about WHAT’S RIGHT in your life.   ANYTHING HAPPY?  ANYTHING GOING WELL?   ANYTHING MAKE YOU LAUGH OR FEEL GOOD?”

Who wouldn’t pay good money to hear about happy teenage girls?

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

NOTE: There is a Westside run in November and

a SHORT Eastside run in December

Bloody Red Heart

November 4 through 21 @ the Odyssey Theater

Thurs-Sat: 8pm

Sat & Sun: 2pm

Odyssey Theatre
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90025

(310) 477-2055 x2 or OdysseyTheatre

Students: $10
Adults $20 – $25

December 2 – 4 @

LACC Theatre Academy
Caminita Theater
Los Angeles City College
855 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles 90029

Thursday, December 2nd @ 3:30PM (Reception following show)
Friday, December 3rd @ 8:00PM
Saturday, December 4th

Tickets: $8 – $12

4 Comments Add yours

  1. margaret says:

    It’s nice in theory, but I’m not sure I do want to know about happy teenage girls. That will just make me depressed that mine are so whiny.

    1. @Margaret. No, no, no, I disagree! They’re not ONLY happy girls; it’s just that the show is not all depression and gloom. I was SPECIFICALLY thinking of you and your girls when I wrote this. I’M dying to see it. GO!

  2. Beth O says:

    My teenage girl wishes to “velcro a chain saw to my head” because she feels, apparently, that my “heart is an abyss of eternal hell.”


    (I hope)

    If I’m not dismembered, I’d love to make it.

    1. @Beth – this is exactly why she should see this!

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