a Night in the Hobo Jungle: It’s gonna be a juicy jolly up!

A buzz at the Mezz.

Janes and Joes, if you’ve got shack fever, then polish the mug, get ginned up in your plushest duds,  and make tracks to a Night in the Hobo Jungle, where bump and grind meets the bone orchard, and the gin mill meets gut-bucket blues.

Here’s the hops: the aces up wingding is happening this Saturday at the Mezz, your favorite ghost-wracked scatter, fully stocked with Dr. Hall and oil of joy.  It’ll be a hot and haunted jungle of jive, you bet.

Drag a hoof on the scud track as Hobo Jazz and the Jungle Dwellers give it a ride!

Listen as Janet Klein and her ukelele channel naughty vaudevillians past!

Give the high sign to haints and gaze into the future with Madame Pamita, the uke-playing “Queen of the Carnival Sideshow Fortune Tellers”!

Swoon as piano man Brad Kay tickles the ivories while “Diva Deluxe” Suzy Williams tickles your fancy and sings the blues!

Count the goose pimples as hotsy totsies Ming Dynatease, Diamondback Annie, Kitten DeVille, Bibi and Fifi Poubelle and Feline Follies Chantal Paradis and Kim Serene prance, dance, and put you in a trance!

Goggle with wonder at Christopher Wonder and his magical delights of delirium and dread!

Flames and Full Guys, if you’ve got the eagers, they’ve got the cure.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

a Night in the Hobo Jungle

Saturday, October 23 from 9:00PM – 1:00AM

The Alexandria Hotel in the Mezz Bar


501 South Spring Street

Los Angeles  90013





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