THE BIG SQUEEZE: No orange juice involved….

Mama's got a squeezebox....Zydecat Gigi "Gee" Rabe on accordion

Ms. Go Go is sure that somewhere (maybe France), there are dolorous concertina players but generally, is there a cheerier musical instrument than the squeezebox?

This Sunday, happy-go-lucky Go Go’ers and accordion aficionados are in for a treat at The Big Squeeze – The 2nd Annual Accordion Festival of Orange County.  Top L.A. acts will play on multiple stages and a panoply of musical genres will be showcased from Irish/Celtic Slugger O’Toole to Tex/Mex Conjunto Los Pochos to Cajun/Zydeco-influenced Grammy nominee Lisa Haley and the Zydecats.   And if you’re wondering why the accordion is nicknamed the “one man band”, check out solo performers like Jim Gilman (“The Squeezinator”), Phil Parlapiano (“Mr. Squeeze”), and Linda Herman‘s One Woman Dance Band.  Think of them as the self-sufficient turtles of the music world.

Smile if you like accordions....

There are accordion jam sessions for adults; bring your own instrument as the festival promises free storage. (Upcoming tuba festivals, take note.)  Youngsters inspired by the Ukulady and her toy accordion “Squeezaly” can jam with her on free, albeit nameless, toy accordions.  ‘Cause there can only be one Squeezaly.

If you become smitten with the squeezebox (or just want to sharpen your skills), the festival features free workshops/lessons.  Zydecat Accordion Diva Gigi “Gee” Rabe (tearing it up in the top photo above) will lead a “piano accordion” workshop while Otono Lujan will provide expert advice for those interested in the “button accordion”.

No word yet on the keytar expert….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

The Big Squeeze – 2nd Annual Orange County Accordion Festival

Sunday, October 10 from 10AM – 4PM

Orange County Market Place

88 Fair Drive – Orange County Fairgrounds

Costa Mesa 92626

$2 Admission or FREE with a can of food for Second Harvest Food Bank

For further info:

Click to access FlyerSqueeze.pdf

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