Shhh…your speakeasy password for free firewater courtesy of Boardwalk Empire.

Demon alcohol claims another victim. (Image courtesy of

Go Go’ers, have you been busily refining your recipe for bathtub gin in anticipation of  Boardwalk Empire: Terence Winter (and Martin Scorsese’s pilot) paean to Prohibition and its profiteers?

No need!  Thanks to HBO and Canadian Club, you can toast the booze-fueled bloodbath that was the Noble Experiment (and the much-anticipated series that celebrates it) for free at three of Ms. Go Go’s fave speakeasies: the Varnish and the Edison in DTLA and R Bar in K-town.  (Shhh…. Link to the oh-so-secret password and louche lounge addresses after the break.)  One complimentary Canadian Club cocktail per patron, you lushes, so don’t plan on being a hooch hog.

Composer/bandleader Hoagy Carmichael (no stranger to Jazz Era speakeasies) described Prohibition as “a bang of…booze,…bare legs, jangled morals and wild weekends.”

You’ve always loved a good party.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

HBO celebrates Boardwalk Empire

Register here

(or cut and paste:

for secret password and speakeasy sites

No skulking necessary….

2 Comments Add yours

  1. margaret says:

    Ms Go Go: Rest already. Rest!

    1. I am, truly, but this was too good to pass up….

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