Going fast! DOWNTOWN FILM FEST: Hicks flix tix top pick

There will be neon and a whole lot more....

Go Go’ers, by now you know that there is NEVER a dull mo’ in DTLA!

Yes, you’ve barely recovered from watching wild wheelies through burning rings of fire at the Bike Film Festival but prepare to be further amazed by cheeky Miss Chinatowns (Anguished wail: “Nooooo, nooooo…not the black!”), bumbling banjo bandits, proliferating pot parlors,  fulsome fever dreams, gender bending from Down Under, and a comedian-from-beyond-the-grave….

It may sound like Terry Gilliam at his most grandiloquent but it’s actually the Downtown Film Fest and it’s opening tonight with multi-fest fave American: The Bill Hicks Story, a bio of the late, renegade (taped, then banned by Letterman) comic Bill Hicks, dubbed “rebel with a cause and a punchline”.  You can so relate, right?

Crankin’ up the ArtWalk culture quotient, look for video shorts during the monthly September stroll; two films from the American Latino  Series (Bedrooms and I’m Not Like That No More); the premiere of the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Untitled Documentary (at the Grammy Museum, natch, with FREE after party AND surprise guests at the Spring Arcade Building. Get your Uplift Mofo Party Plan in place, yo.);  a Closing Night, free-to-the-public, outdoor screening of Lost Angels: the documentary made during the filming of The Soloist (Ms. Go Go suggests popcorn plus hanky.) and the 2010 Centerpiece Gala Everything Will Happen Before You Die: think The Hangover meets L.A. hipsters, meets mumblecore.

Finally, a sawbuck ($15 at the gate) admits you to Taco Cinema:  the all-day film-meets-food-mini-fiesta with beer garden and 25+ food trucks offering multiple, international variations of everyone’s eat-with-your-hands fave.  Yeah, baby, it’s Taco Time.   Accompanying your tortilla-inspired treats:  premieres of free (as seating permits) films on the Slow Food Movement and other “green urban issues”.  Plus a panel discussion!  Plus 140, a film made by 140 Twitter-inspired filmmakers.  U R So There 4 Food & Fun.

Go Go’ers, you will not be surprised to learn that tix for the DTLA extravaganza are going fast so chug that Chocomocha and charge into action.

Operators are standing by….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Downtown Film Fest

Wednesday, September 8 – 12

More information and advance tickets available at


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  1. margaret says:

    Movies are always fun!

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