Dog days of summer: chilling with le chien

It's not a restaurant patio with pommes frites, but it'll do.... (Photo courtesy of Greg Mankiss)

Typically, the dog days of summer refer to that seemingly endless stretch of stifling August heat when by all rights, you and your pet should be lounging in Biarritz bistros instead of slogging sweatily through SoCal streets.  Aside from a brief blast of heat last week, Los Angeles hasn’t exactly been sweltering but you can still use the “dog days of summer” as an excuse to pretend you’re dining in Provence at these Bowser-friendly bistros and brasseries.

Planning a farewell-to-summer trip to the beach this week?  Schedule your jaunt for September 1st and Big Sky Dogs (bonded and insured) will perambulate with your pup courtesy of Wine Woof Wednesdays at Pourtal Wine Bistro in Santa Monica. Your dog gets a walk while you sample the constantly changing, 40+ wines by the ounce, available via automated machines.  You’ll have to spend $25 to qualify for the free dog-walking but that will be a pleasure given Pourtal’s additional 25+ wines by the glass and creative food menu, organized into “toothpick”, “fork”, “knife” and “spoon” categories.   And if you can’t bear to part with your pooch, keep him by your side on the patio-with-a-sea-view.  One taste of the duck rillettes and you’ll both feel like you’ve been vacationing on the Riviera.  (Hint: the more wine you consume, the more Santa Monica looks like St. Tropez.)

The Foundry – This sleek midtowner might look like the perfect lounging spot for soignee Salukis, borzois and greyhounds but the front patio at former Patina chef Eric Greenspan‘s restaurant on Melrose welcomes all well-behaved breeds.   You and your cff (canine friend forever) will feel transported to Antibes with Greenspan’s thoughtfully designed Tasting Menu (Both you and Spot are sure to love the steak tartare.) or whisked to Paris to people watch while  partaking of the “Patio Season” Burger.  As in France, beware the mimes.

Downtown dogs needn’t feel neglected in the fine dining department; your furry best friend is always welcome on the patio at Patina Group’s Kendall’s Brasserie at the Music Center.  You will undoubtedly enjoy les fruits de mer (including the raw oyster bar) and desserts like Paris/LA (strawberry sorbet, peppermint Chantilly, and almond puff) while foodie Fifi might be persuaded to share her charcuterie and artisanal fromage.  Probably best to give her Perrier instead of champagne, however.

Even the French frown on drunken dogs.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Wine Woof Wednesdays

September 1st and October 6 from  7-9PM (then over for the season)

Pourtal Wine Bistro

104 Santa Monica Boulevard

Santa Monica  90401


The Foundry

7465 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles  90046


Kendall’s Brasserie

LA Music Center

135 North Grand Avenue

Los Angeles  90012

213.972.7322 (reservations)

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  1. margaret says:

    Seriously, I’m always looking for places to go with my perro. The people? Meh.

    1. There are definitely too few places.

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