Roots revival: the Grand Ole Echo returns.

Pony up to the bar at the Grand Ole Echo.

Go Go’ers, sweat is not always a bad thing.  When the high, thin, hot Santa Ana winds are battering your windows, it’s a burden barely borne.  But sweating and swaying inside the Grand Ole Echo, which pops up this Sunday after a li’l hiatus, is the kind of baptism by fire that leaves you feeling worn-out but renewed and ready to face the week.  Come on over for the good of your soul.

As usual, the back-end-of-the-weekend bash is free and all ages so you can put on your cowboy kicks and swing with your littlest sweethearts to country charmers Old Californio, Anny Celsi and Nelson Bragg (think girl pop roots and revolving band mates like Probyn Gregory from Brian Wilson’s back-up stalwarts) , country/pop rockers Paperplanes and folk/country faves Smith and Wesson. The party starts and ends early too — 5:30 – 9:00 — so you can play on a school night and still feel virtuous.  (Not that the latter is a requirement for the evening, mind you.)

Here are the important things to know….  The bands are tuning up.  The bbq is marinating.  The bar is stocked. The back porch is waiting.

All that’s missing is you.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

The Grand Ole Echo

Sunday, August 29 from 5:30 – 9:00PM

The Grand Ole Echo
at The Echo and sometimes The Echoplex!
1822 Sunset Boulevard
(2 blocks east of Alvarado in Echo Park)
Los Angeles, CA 90026

All ages


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    1. Grand Ole Echo is the BEST!

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