Mindshare LA: “Enlightened Debauchery”

Get Mindshared....

Go Go’ers, here’s your chance to combine innovative ideas with a lush party in a spectacular space.  In other words, Smarty Pants Super Summer Fun.

Mindshare LA hosts monthly, eclectic events where smart, interesting people listen to even more interesting speakers  (Think  geek imperialists, bio-engineers talking about sex, and Marilyn Manson’s magician roommate.) then drink, dance, and discuss.   There are complimentary vodka cocktails,  there are food trucks, there are DJ’s, and this month, there’s a fabulous new venue at Exchange LA (formerly the Pacific Stock Exchange circa 1931), which looks like the kind of place where Busby Berkeley dancers used to high-kick their way down the staircase dressed as hundred-dollar bills.  (But not on work days, natch.)

Party like a rock star...stockbroker...rockbroker?

The Daddy Warbucks setting is fitting for the evening’s featured speaker: neuroeconomist  Paul Zak who has discovered that “social networking triggers the release of the generosity-trust chemical in our brains”, which, as you probably know (’cause you’re so darn smart), is oxytocin, the “cuddle chemical”.   Summer of Love redux, anyone?

The Smart Giving theme continues with Micki Krimmel (Mickipedia, NeighborGoods.net founder, and Los Angeles Derby Doll), the Pedal Patch Community (Their mission?  Transform downtown’s “urban jungle” to “edible oasis”.) and the interactive BioRhythm installation courtesy of UC Santa Barbara Media Arts and Technology (MAT) program.  Basically, MAT is where art and science meet and get funky, which pretty much describes the top goal on every Mindshare attendee’s bucket list.

Go Go’ers, clearly the only thing missing from this brainiac bacchanalia is you.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Mindshare LA

Thursday, August 19 @ 7PM

Exchange LA

618 South Spring Street

Los Angeles  90014


For info or to purchase tix:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. margaret says:

    Let’s all get funky then!

    1. jnetsworld says:

      I think I just might go and be a rockbroker tonight :)


      1. Seriously! Who WOULDN’T want to!

    2. Right there with you, Margaret!

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