National Dance Day @ the Music Center: Happy feet, hot hips, and hip food trucks

There will be no sparkly disco lights at National Dance Day at the Music Center....

C’mon, fess up.  You moonwalk in your bedroom in front of the mirror and you secretly know that you are hot stuff.   This Saturday, share the hotness with the world…or at least your fellow dancers.  Come out of the bedroom for National Dance Day at the Music Center.

The logo above may be all glitterati but even though you, of course, always look like that in front of the mirror,  don’t feel you have to break out the sequined attitude and your white felt fedora  for Saturday’s event, which the Music Center’s Active Arts is calling its biggest dance ever.  (You will want sunscreen and water even though the weather will be perfect for dancing. )  The free, all-ages, no-dance-experience-required event is co-sponsored  by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, the org started by several of the  So You Think You Can Dance gang including  director Adam Shankman (in attendance on Saturday, SYTYCD fans!) and Katie “Mrs. Tom Cruise” Holmes to sponsor dance education and physical activity for underprivileged kids and couch potatoes across the nation.

Melinda Sullivan, Music Center Spotlight Awards alum and recent SYTYCD contestant will get everyone’s blood pumping until the morning caffeine kicks in, then “legendary choreographers and lyrical hip hop pioneers” Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (not to be confused with fellow dance sensation Napoleon Dynamite) will lead everyone in a choreographed flash mob dance, which sounds scary and explosive but will be big, big fun when hundreds of people (including you) are doing it.  The Patina Group and fave gourmet food trucks  Crepe’in Around,  the Flying Pig,  Gourmet Genie,  Papas Tapas,  the Manila Machine,  Mambo Juice Truck,  Mrs. Beasley’s,  No Reservations, and Lake Street Creamery (Don Draper ice cream!) will dish the delish for depleted dancers who will then be able to leap back out on to the plaza, restored and refreshed, for the biggest dance party ever,  DJ’ed by Garth Trinidad host of KCRW’s “Chocolate City”.

Warning: flash mob dances may spontaneously break out in your bedroom after Saturday.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

National Dance Day

Saturday, July 31st from 10AM – 12Noon

The Music Center Plaza

145 North Grand Avenue

Los Angeles 90012


Free/all ages/No dance experience required

Special parking info (due to Civic Park construction) or take the Metro:

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  1. margaret says:

    Get your groove thing on!

    1. Not to mention…many fave food trucks including Lake Street Creamery; have been dying to try their new Don Draper flavor.

  2. disco lights with built-in laser x-y scanner are the coolest stuff that you can add to your disco room *:,

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