Roots Roadhouse @ the Echoplex: Pick the Bones Clean

Buzzard knows best....

Sure, there’s  a time for glitter tights and pink champagne, Go Go’ers, but sometimes  you haveta forego the frippery and strip it down to the bone.  So even though it’s only Tuesday, you’ll want to start the countdown to Saturday when the Grand Old Echo presents Roots Roadhouse.   At 20 bands for $15 bucks, you’re seeing each act for less than the price of a SnoBawl Slurpee and that is a sweet, sweet deal.

Grammy Award winner Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men, country singer/Merle Haggard contemporary Red Simpson from Bakersfield, and lived-the-blues man T Model Ford from Mississippi will show the young’uns how it’s done at the Echoplex’s blues, country, and roots extravaganza, which also features a comprehensive line-up of locals (I See Hawks in L.A., Chapin Sisters) and out-of-towners (Frontier Ruckus, Chatham County Line) on three stages.   Doors open at 3:00PM and the music starts at 4:00 so you can tear up the joint before taking a break for brew and ‘cue courtesy of gourmet food trucks Barbie’s Q and Q Zilla.  (Note: these are not the kind of trucks that Red Simpson sings about.)

Feeling lucky?  There’ll  be bingo on the patio; play to win tickets, CDs, gift certificates and t-shirts.  (‘Cause you can never have enough free t-shirts.)  Old Style Guitar Shop,  Stuck on Vintage and Le Modern Trinkets will be on hand if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket. (And if you do, Ms. Go Go would SO love to get to know you….)

Roots Roadhouse: your summer Saturday night ticket to swamp, sweat and twang.

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Roots Roadhouse

Saturday, July 31st @ 3PM

The Echoplex Compound

1154 Glendale Boulevard

Los Angeles  90026



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