Go Go Me! Ms. Go Go is happy to help…with comedy for generationally challenged groups.

Parental joke telling by kids.

Reader Pat wrote to Ms. Go Go asking for help with a birthday destination involving young adults and their dad.  Ms. Go Go is sharing her response  as part of  the occasional feature called Go Go Me! in which Ms. Go Go helps YOU plan the perfect outing.

Pat writes:

You are always in the know–any ideas for this weekend? The kids are looking for something fun to do with their dad on Saturday and/or Sunday? A concert? Something fun for a celebration….”

Ms. Go Go replies:

It’s a rare singer/group that can appeal to such a wide age range and sadly, Pat, that singer/group is not performing anywhere near Los Angeles this weekend.  If it’s a Really Significant Birthday and dad is happy to foot the bill, there’s always the Beatles/Cirque du Soleil hybrid “Love” in Las Vegas for a real celebration!

For a less extravagant, but no less fun outing, think comedy, which is more likely to bridge the generational divide.   The 10:00PM Saturday night show at fave comedy club Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood has the perfect pick for this particular occasion: You Should Use This!  Comedy Pitched by Our Parents. The UCB website characterizes the show as  “bits pitched to [comedians] by their families during phone calls home and at Thanksgiving dinner tables.”  Throw in a talented cast (including Kate Micucci of Scrubs and Garfunkel and Oates comedy duo fame), company founders with serious comedy cred (such as SNL alum Amy Poehler),  and an all ages admittance policy (unlike the 21+ of many comedy clubs), and you have a venue trifecta.  And if the kids are footing the bill, admission is only $8.  The club may not be big or fancy but the intimacy adds immeasurably to the experience (and makes early reservations a must); many of the audience members come several times a week so the birthday bunch may feel more like they’ve come to a party rather than a show…appropriate considering the occasion.

For a celebratory pre-show dinner, there are several big-ticket restaurants-with-a-view in the Hollywood and Highland area but generally, atmosphere trumps food.   Instead, consider the ever fun and charming Cat and Fiddle.  There’s a great, first-come, first served outdoor patio (which translates to instant party in the summer), a dark and cozy interior if there’s a chill factor, and a menu that leans towards delish Brit pub grub with plenty of veggie options.  (The restaurant was started 20+ years ago by the late Brit rocker and Ron Stewart/Ronnie Wood cohort  Kim Gardner.)

Make a birthday wish on the vanilla bean wishbone! (Photo courtesy of Milk)

The gang can opt for a candle-topped Apple Crumble or Bread and Butter Custard at Cat and Fiddle but if the birthday boy has more of a sweet tooth and there’s time before the show (Parking around UCB can be challenging.), the celebrants should take the short drive down to the open-’til-late  Milk.   Everyone can indulge in their decadently delicious dessert of choice here, whether it’s a Warm Ooey Gooey Chocolate Sundae made with coconut ice cream and the shop’s signature Ooey Gooey cookies, a specialty cake such as Vanilla Bean Tres Leches or Blue Velvet, or the Coffee Toffee Crunch Shake made with coffee ice cream with toffee crunch and espresso.

Because watching a thoroughly awake dad laugh at parental jokes on his birthday?   Priceless….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

You Should Use This!  Comedy Pitched by Our Parents.

Saturday, July 24 @ 10:00PM

Upright Citizens Brigade

5919 Franklin Avenue

Hollywood  90028



For more info and tix:


(scroll down to click for tix on the bottom right)

Cat and Fiddle

6530 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles  90028




7290 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles  90036



4 Comments Add yours

  1. margaret says:

    So westside? How about people who don’t want to cross Cesar Chavez Blvd?

    1. Ms. Go Go knows it’s a trek with the covered wagons and all but go west, young woman, go west! (Besides…Blue Velvet cake??? C’mon!)

  2. jessie says:

    thank you so much! we are going :]

    1. @ Jessie – Yay! You will have a great time at UCB! Say Happy b-day to your dad for me!

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