Hurry! L.A. STREET FOOD FEST almost sold out!

Food and fun in the sun with a few thousand of your closest friends.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…especially when you can order all-inclusive, on-line tickets for this Saturday’s  L.A. Street Food Fest: the biggest eat-with-your-hands event of the season.

That’s right, Go Go’ers, one ticket gets you five hours of unlimited dining and drinking and shopping and music this Saturday at the Rose Bowl.  There are bands, there are crafts, there are photo booths, there are Top Chef-judged street food contestants, and there is you…if you move fast, that is.  There are only a few hundred VIP event tickets left so order now!  (Go ahead.   Ms. Go Go will wait while your MasterCard does its magic.)

The remaining available tix are $65 but you get VIP parking and early access to all the goodness before the rest of your new best friends arrive.  That means a full hour’s head start at  sixty vendors including gourmet food trucks, old school street carts, and an Ice Cream Social.  Most importantly, you’ll be first in line for top mixologist-made cocktails, two beer gardens, and the Upper Deck Tequila and Mezcal Tasting with over a dozen tequilas available for your guzzling sipping pleasure: SO appropriate since Saturday is National Tequila Day.

Not that you need a reason to taste tequila….

Susan Feniger (Top Chef contestant, Too Hot Tamale, Ciudad, Border Grille, STREET)and Walter Manzke (most recently at Church & State) will be two of the guest judges at the Street Food Cook-Off with categories like “Best Old School Street Food”, “Best Nouveau Street Food”, “The Sweet Tooth” and “Best in Show”.  (And yes, Go Go’ers, you can cast a ballot too.  Probably best to vote before you’ve sampled all 13 tequilas, though.)

Your ticket also gets you I-saw-them-when bragging rights at the (relatively intimate) performances of Warpaint and The Deadly Syndrome and you’ll want to bring a shopping bag for crafty gifts at the pop-up Unique L.A. (started by Street Food Fest co-founder Sonja Rasula.)  Finally, you can feel good about your good time, which helps the  L.A. Street Food Festival give back to the community.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels and will also fund Woolly School Gardens (all-inclusive, wall-sized, outdoor pocket gardens) for at least three LAUSD elementary schools.

Concerned about crowds?  The first Food Festival was open to the public and consequently plagued with long lines but Rasula and Food Fest co-founder Shawna Dawson (Sauce/LA) promise easy access and no crowd claustrophobia on Saturday thanks to a bigger venue, NO at-the-door tickets, and a finite number of pre-sale tickets.  (Ms. Go Go would like to remind you again that there are only a few hundred left of the latter….)

You can snooze and lose or get crackin’ now and snooze in the Saturday sun, satiated with Sauza, salsa, and ice creamy scoops.

Ms. Go Go knows you’ll make the right choice.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

L.A. Street Food Festival

Saturday, July 24 from 4:00PM – 9:00PM

The Rose Bowl, Pasadena

$65 VIP tickets (General Admission tickets have sold out)

Click below for more info or to order tix:

Updated: Event is Saturday, July 24th (not Sunday)

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