Parno Graszt: Gypsy love with milk churns

Parno Graszt stir things up at the Skirball. (Photo courtesy of Yonas Media)

The moon may not be full until Sunday but that doesn’t mean your blood isn’t already stirring with the heat and the anticipation….

What better way to work off that agita than with Parno Graszt‘s high energy brew of soulful and oh-so-danceable Hungarian/Romani music.  Described as “THE SOURCE of Gypsy music” by Songlines Magazine, the eight-piece, twenty-year folk veterans (whose name in Romani means “White Horse”, the symbol of purity and freedom)  make their Los Angeles debut at the Skirball Cultural Center on Thursday to kick-off the institution’s oh-so-brief Summer Concert season.   Expect to hear instruments ranging from guitars, double bass, tambura and accordions to spoons, water cans, milk churns and ‘oral bass’ (a “continuous vocal improvisation made by the percussionist”).   And really, when was your last oral bass experience in public?

Party in the Pushkar. (Film still from "Ramblers, Roamers, Vagabonds - Parno Graszt" courtesy of podium productions)

In 2008, the Paszabi gypsies were invited to India (the purported motherland of the Roma people) where they searched for musical roots,  familiar customs, and source melodies while playing with local musicians in the Pushkar Desert and elsewhere. On Wednesday, the day before the concert, the Skirball screens Ramblers, Roamers, Vagabonds – Parno Graszt, Sandor Sillo’s color-drenched documentary of the journey.  (Free but reservations recommended so don’t delay, Go Go’ers!)

Eastsiders/downtown wage slaves can also check out the group  on Friday at the noon Grand Performances at the Water Court at California Plaza but those lucky enough to be able to plan an extended stay at the Skirball can dine before dancing (but sadly, not before film viewing) at the reservation only dinner buffet at Zeidler’s Cafe.   Post-dinner/pre-concert,  check out “Jews on Vinyl”; album highlights of the Roger Bennett/Josh Kun guest-curated exhibit include  “Batman and Rubin” and “Bagels and Bongos”.  (The latter may be the only instrument not utilized by Parno Graszt.)   Feel your Inner Don Draper relax in the retro Fifties living room where listening stations await.

The choice of whether to fill your hip flask with Mad Men scotch or Mad Hungarians is, of course, up to you….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Correction:  In the 7/16 post, Bleedfest organizer Elisabeth Fies‘s name was spelled incorrectly.   Ms. Go Go very much regrets the error.


Ramblers, Roamers, Vagabonds – Parno Graszt (film)

Wednesday, July 21st @ 7:30PM

Free (reservations recommended)

Parno Graszt (concert)

Thursday, July 22nd @ 8:00PM

Free/no reservations/limited seating available

The Skirball Cultural Center

2701 North Sepulveda Boulevard

Los Angeles 90049


Admission: $10 General; $7 Seniors 65+ and Full-Time Students; $5 Children 2-12

Free to Children under 2 and Skirball Members

All exhibitions are free to the public on Thursdays

Parking: $5 per car carrying three or more people, otherwise $10 per car (cash only)

For buffet dinner reservations (for Thursday, 7/22 only), call Zeidler’s Cafe @ 310.440.4575

For further info or to make online reservations for Ramblers, Roamers, Vagabonds – Parno Graszt, click below (scroll down to “Film”):

Parno Graszt @ Grand Performances

Friday, July 23 @ 12 Noon

350 South Grand Avenue

Los Angeles 90013



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    1. @Lis You certainly deserve your name spelled correctly after such an achievement, Madam!

  1. @Margaret Doesn’t it?!

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