Grand Opening of the Camellia Lounge: drinkies @ Descansco

Full Moon Tea House + summer = Camellia Lounge (Photo courtesy of Descanso Gardens)

Rightly or wrongly, Descansco Gardens has long been perceived as the bastion of permed blue hair.   But hip happens this Thursday when, as part of  Descanso’s Midweek Summer, the quietly delightful Full Moon Japanese Tea Room morphs into the Camellia Lounge, which Descanso describes as a “hip, soothing and exotic location to enjoy signature cocktails and small appetizers under starry skies”.

The skies won’t actually be that starry unless you go later in the summer; hipsters hoping to hang ’til all hours will be disappointed to learn that Midweek Summer is only until 8:00PM from Tuesday through Thursday.  The very good news is that the Camellia Lounge opens at 3:00.

Lest you feel a twinge of Puritanical “Oh, I shouldn’t…really,” regarding mid-afternoon mixology, permit Ms. Go Go to sketch a scenario.  When out-of-towners arrive, anxious to see SoCal sights, take them for a post-lunch ramble round the lovely but undoubtedly warm and sunny gardens.  Stay  away from shady trees and water features.  Observe the mad dogs and Englishmen perambulating about the grounds.  When your  guests begin to wilt, whisk them to the  cool (and exotic!) Camellia Lounge where they’ll hail your host-ly concern with relief as you all indulge  in those soothing cocktails,  guilt-free.

If Thursdays happen to be your garden touring/drinking day of choice, your signature experience will be further enhanced by the “The Evolution of American Jazz” concert series.  Starting at 5:30 on Thursday evenings, Descanso welcomes artists performing all permutations of jazz (latin to Tin Pan Alley, New Orleans to be-bop) on the new earthen stage on the Main Lawn.   Picnics are normally verboten inside the Gardens but on jazz nights, you can bring nibbles and a blanket and unabashedly eat on the lawn.

Or you could happily stay at the Camellia Lounge, subsisting on small appetizers and signature cocktails while the music wafts your way.

It may not be dark yet, but if you’ve been there since 3:00, the skies are likely to be very starry, indeed.

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Grand Opening of the Camellia Lounge (a.k.a. Full Moon Tea House)

Thursday, June 24th; 3:00 – 8:00PM

Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday through September 9th

NOTE: The Camellia Lounge drink/appetizer menus (by the Patina group) has not been finalized so prices below are approximate:

Beer $6

Cocktails $8 – $10

Appetizers $5 – $10

“The Evolution of American Jazz” series on the Main Lawn

Thursdays, June 24th – August 12th from 5:30 – 7:00PM

Descanso Gardens

1418 Descanso Drive

La Canada Flintridge  91011

818.949.4200  (Go to Events for info)

Your paid admission to Descanso Gardens includes

free admission to the Camellia Lounge and “The Evolution of Jazz”

Adults – $8.00, Seniors/Students – $6, Children 5-12 – $3

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