LUCHA Va VOOM: mayhem at the Mayan

Writhing and wrestling at the Mayan June 23/24

The Mayans used to rip out the hearts of  the living as offerings for the god of the dead.  The entertainment will be equally dramatic, if not quite as dire, at The Mayan theater when Lucha va Voom takes over the downtown temple of fun with “Hot Fun in the Summertime“.

First, get in the va Voom mood at one of Cedd Moses’s joints: perhaps a couple of  “Poblano Escobars”  (mezcal, poblano peppers, cumin, pineapple and orange liqueur) at Las Perlas or a “Cana Punch” (rum and many, delicious, secret ingredients) for you and seven of your closest, lucha-loving friends at the members-only Cana Rum Bar.  (The donated-to-charity, per annum dues  are $20; a pittance considering the potent punch of the punch.)

Fully lubricated with liquid cheer, wend your way to the Mayan where you’ll get  “lei’d” at the door if you come in luau or South Sea attire.   The main event of the midweek madness  is the  debut of high-flying Mexico City luchadores Turbo and SuperNova who will take on “the Superbad, one-eyed Pirata Morgan“.   (On a personal note, Ms. Go Go is super excited to learn how to say “Avast, me hearties” en Espanol.)

Expect agility and aerial maneuvers rather than chairs smashed over heads (although Mexican grannies have been known to beat on rudos – the bad guys, natch –  with their purses if they fall into the crowd).   The “minis”  (li’l luchadores who put the pow in pint-sized) will return, as well as crowd fave Chocolate Caliente. (He won’t melt under hot lights!)

Comedians Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Squarepants) and Blaine Capatch (The Comedians of Comedy) will be on motormouth mic duty to help you root for the tecnicos (That’s “good guys” to you gringos.) and cheer on the chicas calientes. (That’s “hot girls” to anyone under ten.)  Sizzle-tease superstar Kitten Deville brings steamy summer fun with a new-to-you number, Carolina Cerisola unleashes her caged leopard act for the very first time, and a bevy of Lucha va Voom burlesque beauties help bring the boom boom to the room.

You’ll be reassured to know that when  Lucha va Voom partners and co-creators Liz Fairbairn and Rita D’Albert evaluate burlesque dancers, they look for original concepts and great music.

Which are your top two criteria for striptease artists as well….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Lucha va Voom’s “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

Wed, June 23rd & Thurs, June 24th @ 8:00PM (Doors open at 7:00PM)

The Mayan

1038 South Hill Street

Los Angeles  90015


$30 – $65 (Note: There are a limited number of tix at each price range.)

For tix & info:

Las Perlas

107 E. 6th Street

Los Angeles 90014


Cana Rum Bar

714 West Olympic

Los Angeles 90015


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