Gangsta Wagner: Bring on the Valkyries, bring on the funk.

Double G and daKAH do the Ring.
(Photo courtesy of Grand Performances)

Go Go’ers, here’s an eve o’ Dad’s Day event for all the fathers in your life from your Pop Pop to your baby daddy.

By the time Saturday’s Grand Performance rolls around, Wagner’s “The Ring” will have roiled through the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (and will continue roiling through June 26).   If you’re a diehard Wagner fan who’s attended every sidebar offering of “Der Ring Des Nibelung” as well as the Main Event, you will definitely want to add Double G‘s Gangsta Wagner to your “If you like it then you better put a Ring on it” collection.

Geoff Gallegos (a.k.a. Double G) is the co-founder and composer, as well as “Da Konductor”, of the dAKAH Symphony Hip Hop Orchestra.  The  60+ piece ensemble has strings, winds and percussion to deliver the symphonic sound; electric guitars, turntables,  singers, and MCs bring the soul.   (Wagner might not know what to make of the MCs and turntables; then again, he had dwarves and mermaids to work with….)  Expect the Berklee College of Music-trained Gallegos, who also produces and arranges for musicians such as Outkast, India Arie, John Frusciante and Everlast, to funk up Wagner’s Ring with Left Coast Rap for a  musical thrill ride.

For a kinder, gentler thrill ride (and the ultimate downtown experience), take the Red Line from Union Station to Pershing Square, climb the north stairs to 4th and Hill, and for a quarter, take the Angels Flight Railway (“The Shortest Railway in the World”) up to the California Plaza Watercourt.  (The railway closes at 10:00PM so be prepared to hoof it downhill post-concert if necessary.)   BYOB and a picnic (NOTE: No red wine or glass containers allowed!) or grab Famima fare (Free coffee with any Famima cake!) at the Plaza.  Stake out your spot by 6:30, chow down, and get any chit chat with dads or dates out of the way before the music starts.

‘Cause you don’t want to mess with the Germans and the gangstas….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

Grand Performances presents “Gangsta Wagner”

Double G and the daKAH Symphony Hip Hop Orchestra

Saturday, June 19 @ 8:00PM

California Plaza Watercourt

350 South Grand Avenue

Los Angeles 90071



Angels Flight Railway

351 South Hill Street

Los Angeles 90013

25 cents


Monday – Sunday/6:00AM – 2:00AM

California Plaza Watercourt

350 South Grand Avenue, Suite R-2B

Los Angeles 90071


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