THE BIG PARADE: 2 days, 35 miles, and 101 stairways. Plus, our 2nd contest winner!

Oh, the places you'll go.... (Photo by Steve Matsuda)

Go Go’ers, for additional proof that the City of Angels is awesome sans autos, check out The Big Parade II this weekend.

Organized by writer Dan Koeppel and led by Bob Inman, author of A Guide to the Public Staircases of Los Angeles (Blurb, 2009), the second annual, two-day, 35 mile, FREE walk starts at the Angel’s Flight in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday morning, ends in Beachwood Canyon below the Hollywood sign Sunday afternoon, and includes 101 stairways.  That’s right, Go Go’ers:  101.   As in Dalmatians….

If you’re seeing spots and your knees are buckling at the very thought,  rest assured that the Big Parade is not a Forced March of Fun nor an endurance marathon for muscle-y hardbodies;  everyone (including muscle-y hardbodies) is encouraged to participate.   The schedule is designed in five-mile loops to provide easy meet-up spots; you can join the parade route for an hour, a mile, a few stops, several staircases, or the whole shebang.  Long Distance Walkers, who are (impressively!) doing both days, all 35 miles, and all 101 stairways, have priority at the pre-booked, Silverlake Recreation Center’s “campsites” Saturday night.  No word yet on the rec center’s weenie roast and s’mores policy….

Other features of the parade (per the Big Parade II website): a special children’s walk Saturday morning;  a “‘backcountry’ bushwhack along a secret dirt road between Silverlake and Echo Park”;  a “cross-country segment that runs through Griffith Park”;  and a “sightseeing list”  of 30+ items that includes the Los Angeles Central Market, Richard Neutra houses in Silverlake,  and “just-plain-weird” landmarks.   The latter, of course, being Ms. Go Go’s cup of tepid canteen tea….

NELA BONUS: if you want to test your mad stair skillz pre-Parade so you don’t sag and lose street cred en route, Inman will be leading a three segment, Gold-Line-centric,  Northeast Los Angeles walk on Friday, June 11th.  (“Only” 11 miles and 25 stairways….)

Go Go’ers, book your Monday massage now….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

CONTEST WINNER! Subscriber Pat Griffith has won an autographed copy of Secret Stairs by Charles Fleming and a private staircase tour for four with the author!  (**link to interview with Fleming after the break)

Congrats, Pat!  Thanks for participating and for reading U Want 2 Go Go!

The Big Parade II

Pre-parade walk: Friday, June 11th @ 9:30AM:

Meet at Highland Park Gold Line Station/South side (Avenue 57 side)

Click here for schedule (in right hand sidebar) for 6/11 walk:

(The 6/11 walk ends at 4:30PM; celebrate with a much-deserved alcoholic beverage at one of the Arroyo Seco’s fine drinking establishments.***See below)

Saturday, June 12th @ 8:00AM: Meet at Angel’s Flight stairway (Downtown L.A.)

Sunday, June 13th @ 8:00AM: Meet at the Music Box Stairs (Silverlake)

Click here for schedule and general info (to be posted 6/9) about 6/12-13 walks:


***Check out Ms. Go Go’s three-part guide to Arroyo Seco watering holes:

** Interview with Charles Fleming, author of Secret Stairs:

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