LUMMIS DAY 5: free/festival/fun/frolic/food

Landscape by Jose de Juan at Lummis Day 5.


In 1884, Charles Fletcher Lummis walked 3507 miles from Ohio to California to take a job with the Los Angeles Times; Americans discovered the Southwest through the dispatches he wrote from his road trip through New Mexico and Arizona. 

Lummis then settled on the banks of the Arroyo Seco, became editor of the Los Angeles Times, built a castle out of river rock and railroad ties (El Alisal), and turned it into the social hub of Northeast Los Angeles while founding the Southwest Museum and campaigning for the rights of Native Americans and other minorities.  In other words, he was a man who apparently never slept.  

Darcy Hawes' assemblage of found objects.

Go Go’ers, you won’t have to expend nearly as much effort to get to Lummis Day 5: the Festival of Northeast Los Angeles.  In the spirit of Lummis himself, it’s a celebration of  art, music, poetry, food, and the NELA community.  Except you’ll probably get some sleep later…if you want. 

Poet Suzanne Lummis, Lummis’s granddaughter, hosts a poetry showcase to kick off the festival  Sunday morning at El Alisal.  Linger over refreshments as well as the exhibit curated by Mt. Washington fiber artist Connie Rohman who has gathered the work of over a dozen, fellow local artists such as Cha-Rie Tang (fused glass and ceramics), Yolanda Gonzalez (paintings), and Darcy Hawes whose assemblages (above) are created out of found/repurposed/recycled objects collected on walks through Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods.   (Go Go’ers, if Ms. Go Go had a “spirit object”, it would be Darcy Hawes’s go-go gal above.)    

Mt. Washington landscape by Diane Behrens

The art will be on display until 5:00PM at El Alisal but mid-day, the party shifts to the nearby Heritage Square Museum where over 100 jazz, salsa, rock, country, hillbilly and punk performers — including Emmy-Award winning Tex-Mex artist Ruben Martinez, local rockers Ann Likes Red, and alt-country hillbilly punk band The Evangenitals — will keep things lively on three, different stages.   Plus, look forward to artisan crafts, community booths, and tasty treats from food vendors like gourmet food trucks Frysmith, Don Chow Tacos,  and Nom Nom, and local mom n’ pop bakery Mardy’s Munchies,  all in the enclave of Heritage Square’s gorgeous, preserved homes.  

Go Go’ers, the old man of the Arroyo still throws a damn good party.  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


Lummis Day 5  

Sunday, June 6  

10:30 – 12 noon @ El Alisal/Lummis Home  

(Art on display through 5:00PM)  

200 East Avenue 43  

Los Angeles 90031  

12 noon – 7:30PM  @ Heritage Square Museum  

3801 Homer Street  

Los Angeles 90031  


For more info, including To-Be-Announced shuttle locations/schedule, click below:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. steve says:

    great post. I still enjoy reading about Lummis and the history of the Arroyo Seco. What a great area to live and work in.

    1. All attendees concurred that it was a great…and delicious!!!…day at Heritage Square, Mardy! Hurray for NELA!

    2. Ms. Go Go MEANT to say “Steve and Mardy”! Darn, slippery keyboard….

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