Go Go Me! Ms. Go Go is happy to help…with opera. Also, EAT: Los Angeles contest winners announced!

U.S. staged premiere of Wagner's "Die Feen" at the Pasadena Playhouse.


Reader Pamela wrote to Ms. Go Go asking for help with a birthday destination involving opera.  Ms. Go Go is sharing her response with all Go Go’ers as part of a new, occasional feature called Go Go Me! (Check out upcoming U Want 2 Go Go posts to learn how Ms. Go Go can help YOU have  more fun.)  

Speaking of fun, congratulations to the winners of the  EAT: Los Angeles contest:  Lisa Dupuy, Margaret Finnegan, and Connie Rohman.   Each will receive an autographed copy of  EAT: Los Angeles, published and edited by Colleen Dunn Bates with the help of her crack team of food journalists.  Thanks, Colleen, and thanks Go Go’ers for the great restaurant suggestions!  (Link to Ms. Go Go’s interview with Colleen is below the jump.)  


And now, GO GO ME! 

Pamela writes:  

“Kim aGoGo: It’s Kevin’s B-Day. What opera is in town and good for novice opera goers? His B-Day is tomorrow, 5/21, anything I can buy tickets for today for future use? How much fun your blog is!”  

Ms. Go Go replies:  

In terms of an actual opera performance on Kevin’s birhday, Pamela, you’re out of luck, unfortunately, and this is why….  

Brilliant (but controversial) German composer Richard Wagner’s mythic (Norse gods, dwarves, mermaids, giants, Valkyries and a Ring of Gold…no relation to Lord of the RingsRing Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen) is about to open on May 29th at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with performances through the end of June.   It’s the first time the complete series of four operas is being staged in Los Angeles and as such, is a hugely anticipated event that has spawned its own artistic cottage industry with ongoing lectures, a festival, art events, even a special show at the Griffith Observatory.  (There’s a performance of The Light of the Valkyries tonight, May 21st, wink, wink!)   The LA Opera‘s spectacular show is getting rave advance reviews but with the premiere a week away, it’s wall-to-wall Wagner in Los Angeles.  

However, any opera lover would be THRILLED to have tickets to the Ring Cycle!   Here is the link to All Things Ring! http://www.laoperaring.com/index.php  

Also, as an adjunct to the Ring Cycle, The Lyric Opera of Los Angeles is performing the U.S. staged premiere of The Fairies (Die Feen), Wagner’s first completed opera (written when he was 20!) at the Pasadena Playhouse.  Four performances only starting on June 11th! http://www.lyricoperala.org/  

Thanks for reading U Want 2 Go Go, Pamela!   And “Happy birthday” to Kevin!  

Ready? U Know U Want 2 Go Go!  


 Read Ms. Go Go’s interview with Colleen: https://uwant2gogo.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/interview-with-eat-los-angeles-publishereditorwriter-colleen-dunn-bates-plus-a-contest/ 

Wagner’s Ring  Cycle 

May 29 – June 26  

LA Opera  

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion  

135 North Grand Avenue  

Los Angeles 90012  


$50 – $275  


Wagner’s The Fairies (Die Feen)  

June 11 – 19  

Lyric Opera of Los Angeles  

Pasadena Play House  

39 South El Molino Avenue  

Pasadena  91101  

$25 – $80  



The Lights of the Valkyries  

May 8 – September 5  

Griffith Park Observatory  

2800 East Observatory Road  

Los Angeles 90027  


$3 – $7  


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Dupuy says:

    Thank you! I never win anything! I really wanted Ms. Dunn Bate’s Eat: Los Angeles book. In fact I asked for it for Mother’s Day and no one in the family took the bait. I’ll just have to make them take me out to dinner somewhere…

    1. You certainly deserve it with all those great suggestions! Now you’ll have a whole city of dinner possibilities to choose from! Thank you for participating!

  2. Pamela says:

    Dearest Kim a Go Go I’m so a Ga Ga Fan:

    Kevin LOVES the idea of the opera Die Fein for the opera itself but also to support the Pasadena Playhouse!!! We also thought your suggestion of the Culinary School Restuarant is a great and special idea! I’ve eaten there a number of times and have been delighted at the students running the show as a 5 star restaurant. Great attention to detail…See y’all there June 12!!!

    1. Happy to help, Pamela, and thanks for telling your pals about U Want 2 Go Go! Enjoy Die Feen and Cafe 561!

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