Vendy Awards L.A.: one day discount for all-you-can-eat fare and fun from food truck finalists!

Feast on Vendy Awards L.A. food truck finalist fare on May 15th!


Go Go’ers, do you love street food?   

If you answered “Ymephlrggffs” because your mouth was full with yummy truck treats that you somehow managed to bring home instead of messily eating on the spot, then you have two reasons to buy a ticket IMMEDIATELY for the Vendy Awards: a NYC street food competition that has come to L.A. and will take place at MacArthur Park this Saturday, May 15th.   

Reason #1)  You love street food (Really…who doesn’t?) and you want to buy a $50 All-You-Can-Eat(-and-Drink) ticket to the awards because what better way to spend a Saturday than wandering around in a park stuffing your face from the trucks of the following finalists for L.A.’s best street food: India Jones Chow Truck; Hot Dog Kings; Big Mista’s BBQ; Nina’s Food; Grilled Cheese Truck; and Tacos el Galuzo?   

Reason #2) Not only will your $50 help your stomach, it will help your bottom line because it’s tax-deductible; the money helps non-profit organizations protect the rights of street food vendors.  Which ultimately helps you!  In two different ways!   It’s like a Circle of  Food Goodness that just keeps feeding itself.  (Whoops…inadvertent pun.   Quick, smack it before it gets away.)   

 Actually, Go Go’ers, there are THREE reasons to buy your ticket IMMEDIATELY!   

Reason #3) The event is rapidly selling out and IF (and that’s a BIG if…) there are tix available on the Big Day, they’ll be $60!  So Go Go now to get your presale discount for food and fun in the sun.  

 Go Go’ers, doesn’t it feel great to be good?   

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….   


 The Vendy Awards L.A.   

 Saturday, May 15 from 4:00 – 7:00PM   

 MacArthur Park   

 South Park View Street between West 7th and Wilshire Boulevard   

 Los Angeles  90057   

 $50 presale; $60 on May 15th   

 For info and to buy tix, click below:

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