Charles Phoenix & the 3rd Dimension: the Viewmaster and you.

Charles Phoenix 3-D Extravaganza on May 16!!!


3-D may have reached its contemporary zenith in AVATAR but Charles Phoenix, the  droll and infectious  guide to America’s wacky love affair with slides, happily explores its humble beginnings and often hilarious history in his live show Charles Phoenix and the 3rd Dimension!  

Phoenix, whose mile-wide grin and appreciation for retro culture and kitsch have made him a recurring correspondent for NPR and The Martha Stewart Show,  is branching out from diabolically difficult desserts, synchronized roller rink routines, and leopard-clad  tourists at  copper mines  to  his first ever program of 3-D slides.  

Phoenix’s history of 3-D ranges from Victorian Stereoscopes, to mid-century  Kodachrome Viewmaster and Stereo Realist formats, to early sci-fi T.V.,  with some wholesome cheesecake along the way.  (Think bosoms, not crusted desserts….)   The retro slide show is enlivened by the Kitschmeister’s eye for oddball detail; his consequently hilarious commentary will have you rolling in the aisles of the newly revamped Downtown Independent Theater (originally the Arrow Theater, c. 1924) and in danger of losing your free 3-D glasses!   As an extra, added bonus, the Moonlight Roller Rink’s Dominic Cangelosi brings his Hammond organ stylings to the 2-act 3-D extravaganza.  

As a nod to to the two-colored, 3-D lenses of old,  ” lipstick red and bright turquoise ensembles are encouraged but not expected!”  Go Go’ers, it’s the perfect opportunity to break out those scarlet pedal pushers and vintage turquoise ties.   And if the latter features a flamingo, all the better (even if it won’t be in 3-D.)  

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


Charles Phoenix and the 3rd Dimension  

Sunday, May 16 @ 3:00PM  

Downtown Independent Theater  

251 South Main Street  

Los Angeles 90013  


To buy tix:  

For more info:

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