Monster Mash Picnic @ La Laguna de San Gabriel: Beany and Cecil redux

May Day Monster Mash picnic @ La Laguna de San Gabriel (Photo by Eloy Zarate)


Remember when you were a kid and you’d go to the playground and pretend that the concrete tube was a giant whale whose stomach you had to slither through to get to freedom and the jungle gym was a giant octopus trapping you and you had to make a plan and escape and the slide was a sea serpent providing a daring getaway?   And then you’d hear the goofy music tinkling from the ice cream truck  and whatever was happening in the game, you were suddenly free so you could run over to the truck like your life depended on getting an It’s-It ice cream sandwich and maybe it did?  Remember that?

Welcome to your childhood revisited.   Welcome to La Laguna de San Gabriel, the ultimate playground: a sandy “lagoon” filled with fanciful, cement sea creatures sculpted fifty years ago by Mexican concrete artist Benjamin Dominguez and saved from demolition in 2006 by Friends of La Laguna, which is now responsible for the playground’s upkeep.  (‘Cause fess up, you know you scribbled on the play equipment with crayon just like kids do today.)

This Saturday, Friends of La Laguna, the L.A. Conservancy, and its Modern Committee are hosting a reservation-only, non-host,  May Day Monster Mash family picnic of fun and games amidst the fins and the flippers.   Your admission buys you lunch, games and the opportunity for freeze tag bragging rights .  (Okay, maybe the sea creatures would win that one.)   Even better, the  Coolhaus truck, beloved by kids of all ages, will be handing out “architecture-inspired” ice cream sandwiches as part of your treat.   And unlike when you were a kid, you can just mosey over to get one because your game will still be waiting for you.

But you can run really fast if you want to….

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….


May Day Monster Mash Picnic

Saturday,  May 1st from 10:00AM – 2:00PM

La Laguna de San Gabriel

Vincent Lugo Park

San Gabriel   91776

(626) 451-5456
$10 for Conservancy members
$15 for non-Conservancy members
$5 for children
For more info and to buy tix (go to bottom of the page):

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  1. Jeri B says:

    Wow what a great discovery !! Kim how do you find such an amazing variety of events?

    1. Thanks, Jeri! Miles of internet to go go before I sleep each night!

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