Mo-Chica’s 9th Tasting Menu: Inca dinka do

Causa del dia, a signature Peruvian dish, will be available at Mo-Chica's 9th tasting menu (Photo courtesy of Mo-Chica)


Potato Facts You Should Know:   1)Americans eat more potatoes than any other vegetable.   2) The potato originated in the Peruvian Andes.  3) Peru has 3000 varieties of potatoes.   4) Causa del dia (“potato salad of the day”), one of the notable potato dishes of Peru, will definitely be on Mo-Chica’s ninth tasting menu this Thursday, April 29th.  

According to a Mo-Chica spokesperson, causa del dia and ceviche (a citrus-marinated fish appetizer that is also a signature Peruvian dish) are the only  items on the reservation-only tasting menu that can be confirmed.  Executive Chef/Owner Ricardo Zarate’s contemporary Peruvian cuisine has popped up on many “Best of” foodie lists lately, so Go Go’ers can look forward to a memorable meal.   

A native of Lima, Zarate has cooked in Japanese restaurants in London (Tetsuya) and Los Angeles (Sai Sai downtown and Wabi-Sabi in Venice).  He brings a Japanese sensibility to the preparation and presentation of dishes both classic (seco de cordero, a “lamb chunk cilantro bean stew with canary beans and  salso criolla” per the menu) and contemporary (quinotto, which blends the Andean grain quinoa with wild mushrooms in a non-traditional, risotto-like dish) while respecting the authentic roots of the cuisine right down to the drinks, such as Chicha Morada:  purple corn tea of a hue vivid enough to have The Artist Formerly Known as Prince call his tailor.  

Mo-Chica’s $35, reservation-only tasting menu dinner will be served from 6:00 – 9:00PM; available times for larger parties may be limited.   

As the charming  menu tasting invitations next to Mo-Chica’s cash register read:  

 “Invited To You Are Gladly.”  

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


Mo-Chica’s 9th Tasting Menu –  Reservation Only  

Thursday, April 29th from 6:00 – 9:00PM  


3655  South Grand Avenue  

Los Angeles 90007  


$35 per person

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