The Pickle Back and the Petrojvic Blasting Company; An evening of bold

The Petrojvic Blasting Company (Photograph by Tyler Golden)


In life, there are certain endeavors  that demand boldness, a devil-may-care attitude, a leap of faith: skydiving, bull running, driving in Bombay.   

Enter the Pickle Back, the cliff dive of drinks: a shot of Jamison accompanied by a “back” of briny pickle juice.  According to the bad boys at Casey’s Irish Pub downtown, the saltiness of the juice adds an oh-so-piquant counterpoint to the sweetness of the Jameson.   The suggested imbibing technique?   “Sip and sip or slam and sip but never slam and slam.”  Okay, no danger of the latter.    

You can try a Pickle Back at Casey’s for $11 tonight; $2 off the usual price.  What food could possibly stand up to this daunting drink combo?  Casey’s suggests their Black and Blue Burger (“special blackening spices” and melting Maytag bleu cheese on top) as the perfect accompaniment. ($11.50)  Yes, Go Go’ers, tonight, salt is your friend.   

You may feel daring enough to drive a demolition derby after the Pickle Back.  Please don’t, you’ve been drinking.   

Instead, walk over to the Mezz at the Alexandria Hotel for the Petrojvic Blasting Company‘s “celebration of  its inaugural phonographic endeavor” A History of Public Relations Dilemmae.  The brass-heavy band (which includes accordion and sousaphone) is releasing their first record of Balkan-inspired music a month before the downtown fave heads for Europe.   Polka-ing optional but undoubtedly encouraged.   

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….   


The Pickle Back; $2 off tonight, 4/24   

Casey’s Irish Pub   

613 South Grand Avenue   

Los Angeles 90017   


The Petrojvic Blasting Company/A History of Public Relations Dilemmae Record Release   

9:00PM, Saturday, April 24th   

The Mezz @ The Alexandria Hotel   

2nd Floor   

501 South Spring Street   

Los Angeles 90016   



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