Weschler’s Wonder Cabinet: Sour death balls, bottled lizards and the secret life of snowflakes


Lawrence Weschler’s Wonder Cabinet at Occidental College on Saturday, April 23rd


 If…you love the odd, the outre, the unbelievable, and the unexplainable (and you must, at least a little, ’cause you’re reading this blog, right?!), then Lawrence Weschler’s Wonder Cabinet, an all day  “celebration of all things cool” that explores the overlap between science and art, is a Not To Be Missed Event.   

Better yet, it’s free.   

At Occidental College on Saturday, sleight-of-hand maestro Ricky Jay will amaze you with his Collection of Remarkable Men, Oscar-winning film and sound editor Walter Murch will make his case for a “real-life music of the spheres” (i.e. an ancient philosophical notion that the spacing between planets creates a kind of symphony), and David Wilson, founder/curator of the Museum of Jurassic Technology and the subject of Weschler’s Pulitzer-nominated book Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, will reveal the “Russian mystical origins of the Soviet space program”.    

In addition,  you’ll be able to see films by Ed Ruscha and Jessica Yu (see “sour death balls” and “bottled lizards”, above), Lena Herzogs photographs of bottled medical specimans from Russia’s first museum, the camera obscura drawings of artists/identical twins Ryan and Trevor Oakes done only with the naked eye, Lauren Redniss’s  illustrated life of Marie Curie, and Matt Shlian’s paper folds that bridge art and science, as well as hear Cal Tech physicist Ken Libbrecht discuss snowflake mysteries (again, see above). Not to mention, Guitar Boy.   

All you need is nine hours and an insatiable curiosity.  Wonder provided at no extra cost.   

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….   


Weschler’s Wonder Cabinet   

10:00AM – 7:30PM, Saturday, April 24th (breaks for lunch and tea)   

Occidental College   

Thorne Hall   

1600 Campus Road   

Los Angeles 90041   


Continental breakfast and lunch available for purchase   

For further info:   


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