LAUNDROMATINEE: Dance, rinse, repeat

Laundromatinee at Spin Cycle Coin Laundry in Filipinotown (Photo courtesy of Dance Collage Theatre)


Usually, the biggest excitement at the laundromat is wondering where your polka dot socks waltzed off to.  If Spin Cycle Coin Laundry in Filipinotown is your neighborhood suds palace however, you’ll have a lot more to look at this weekend than your footie pjs tumbling in the dryer.  

All the washing machines will be out of order on Friday and Saturday evenings when Collage Dance Theater takes over Spin Cycle for a rare four performances of  Laundromatinee, Artistic Director/Choreographer Heidi Duckler’s signature piece,  which premiered at the Thriftiwash Laundromat in Santa Monica in 1988.  Expect careening laundry carts, fancy footwork on the folding tables,  and a tiny dancer in a dryer.  

Duckler, dubbed  “reigning queen of site-specific performance” by the Los Angeles Times, has created and staged dance performances at the Lincoln Heights Jail (Most  Wanted), the Subway Terminal Building (SubVersions), the training gym and firing range of the Los Angeles Police Academy (C’opera), and the Los Angeles River (Mother Ditch), in which dancers used flotsam from the river in their performance.  

Hey, maybe your lost socks will turn up in a pas de deux….  

Ready? U Know U Want 2 Go Go….  


Collage Dance Theatre’s Laundromatinee  

April 23rd & April 24th  

7:00PM and 9:00Pm each night  

Spin Cycle Coin Laundry  

2201 Beverly Boulevard  

Los Angeles 90026  


Click here for more info and to purchase tix:

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