ArtWalk @ the Brewery: One hundred pieces of art on the wall, one hundred pieces of art….

Brewery Art Walk – April 17 & 18, 2010

Want to be an arty smarty pants?

Doodle Saturday and Sunday into your date book for the twice-a-year Brewery ArtWalk; 150 resident artists open their studios in the world’s largest art complex.  You’ll have the chance to check out new work, yak with the artists, and purchase original pieces at studio prices…making you a money savvy  smarty pants as well.

Be sure to wear comfy shoes and give yourself plenty of time.  The Brewery (former site of the Pabst Brewery Company) consists of 14 buildings set on 23 acres; navigations up and down stairs, not to mention metal fire escapes, may ensue.  You can preview artists and strategize your must-visit studios by going to and clicking on “Spring 2010 Participants”

If you get hungry after all that climbing, walking and art appreciating, stop by Barbara’s at the Brewery  (a.k.a Barbara West Catering), Suite 21 which serves fresh salads, pizzas and sandwiches through 6:00PM; the full bar, which stays open a few hours longer, serves tasty cocktails and has a nice wine list and ten beers on tap.   Barbara’s is usually closed on Sundays but will be open on the 18th for ArtWalk. 

For a change of pace, stop by HipCooks East at E21 in the perimeter of the central plaza. (Look for their orange and blue eye level sign.)  Owner Monica and top chef Bonny will be cooking up yummy treats and answering questions about the super fun, HipCooks cooking classes.  Pick up must-have kitchen gadgets on sale; also available, pretty-as-candy Retimade glass jewelry and Random Nicole’s handmade clothing and “crafty things”.

Go on, give yourself an “A”  for Fun, you smarty pants you….

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

ArtWalk Spring 2010

11:00AM – 6:00PM

 Saturday, April 17 & Sunday, April 18


The Brewery

2100 North Main Street (off I-5)

Los Angeles 90031

IMPORTANT: For the most accurate driving instructions and other helpful info, click below, then click on “Event Info”:


Barbara’s at the Brewery (a.k.a. Barbara West Catering)

620 Moulton Avenue, Ste. 110

Los Angeles 90031


Restaurant 11:00AM – 6:00PM; Bar stays open a few hours later


HipCooks East

642 Moulton Avenue, Unit E21

Los Angeles 90031 (Make sure you’re looking at the East Los Angeles site)


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