Eagle Rock Brewery/PLAyLAnd/Verdugo Bar: Art, Suds, Play

Photo courtesy of Twee Studios/Eagle Rock Brewery


Artists and tacos and beer, oh my!  Tonight, it’s all happening off the 2…Freeway, that is. 

Eagle Rock Brewery just debuted “Red Velvet”: their Imperial Ale with Rye.   Silky mouth-feel (Thanks, rye!), hints of chocolate, and an 11% alcohol content.  (Watch out for “speed traps” when you leave, Go Go’ers!)   To help celebrate the brewery’s newest baby, ERB is having their first gallery event tonight;  Thuy Le of Twee Studios will be displaying selected works from his ORIGIN OF ABSENCE series.   LATE BREAKING NEWS:  The scheduled food truck cancelled so Taco Chop  is saving the day with drive-up deliciousness! (6:00-10:00PM) 

Keep the art buzz going by heading over to the opening reception for pop-up exhibition space  PLAyLAnd.  In addition to the usual (art) suspects, PLAyLAnd will feature “circuit-bending sound scape, international mail art show…poetry bomb [and] handmade toys that recreate science fiction scenarios”  from three cities (Reno, San Francisco and Los Angeles).   Among the 24 featured artists are John Fleck, one of the infamous NEA 4 (four performance artists whose 1990 NEA grants were attacked by conservative politicians based on subject matter) and L.A. Mudpeople: masked, mud-daubed “urban primitives” who have been (slowly) perambulating  around the Los Angeles art/performance scene since 1989.  Through 5/31/10 (Tonight:6-10PM) 

 For a post-art-bash beer, head over to the Verdugo Bar in Glassell Park: 24 beers on tap, 85 bottled beers and (the best!) beer to go (thanks to the former speakeasy’s grandfathered liquor license from the 1930’s).  **** 

Go Go’ers: remember those speed traps. 

Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go…. 


Thuy Le/Red Velvet Imperial Ale/Taco Chop @ Eagle Rock Brewery 


3056 Roswell Street 

Los Angeles 90065 


 PLAyLAnd: Pop-up Exhibition Space 

Tonight: 6-10PM  (Ongoing: Th – Fr: 10:30AM – 6:30PM; Sat – Sun: 12:00PM – 6:00PM 

4140 Eagle Rock Boulevard (almost across from Fresh ‘n Easy) 

Los Angeles 90065 



The Verdugo Bar 

1:00PM – 2:00AM 

3408 Verdugo Road 

Los Angeles 90065 


****For more on the Verdugo Bar, check out the 3/5/10 U Want 2 Go Go post: “Go East Young Hipsters: Eight Great Bars of the Arroyo Seco/Part 1” https://uwant2gogo.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/go-east-young-hipsters-eight-great-bars-of-the-arroyo-seco/

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