APRIL FOOLS: Diquieting clowns for disturbing times

Image courtesy of Clown Town City Limits, playing Sunday, April 4th at the Steve Allen Theater


Those not living in a cave have probably noticed that in an odd coinky-dink (or sinister Romulan takeover), April Fool’s Day bumps smack dab against Easter weekend this year.    

If you’re not into pastels and PAAS-dyed Easter eggs,  then you are in luck, my Go Go friend.   Check out these brilliantly subversive, clown-around-town events.    

Kaution…these ain’t no kiddie klowns.  No joke.  

“ISMS” @ Zombie Joe’s Underground    

Ms. Go Go can tell you that Clownseling, one of the five short plays in ISMS, features sex, ferrets, and fairies (the magical kind!) and it still wouldn’t give you an inkling of the sly, raucous mayhem dished up by writer Jim Eshom and brought to wild-eyed life by director Amelia Gotham.  The other plays in this collection of demented fools feature feuding cavewomen, sexually posturing fish, the last two men on earth, and an unsettling person named “Mr. Tiddles”.    (Last weekend!! Last Chance!!)    

 Friday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 3rd    

Doors open at 8:00PM.  Show starts at 8:30PM.    

Zombie Joe’s Underground    

4850 Lankersham Boulevard    

North Hollywood 91601 


Call 818.202.4120 to make a reservation (which gets you seated ahead of walk-ins), then get there early to pay and have a better choice of seats.    

Laurel Beckman/New Fools!  (13 times to feel you) @ Monte Vista    

Laurel Beckman’s art uses iconographic images that are initially playful but prove unsettling with ongoing perusal.  At the heart of “New Fools! (13 times to feel you)”,  an animation in three acts features   disembodied clown heads, headless clown bodies, and various props trying to merge in a meaningful way as well as the titular 13 Fools who prompt “messy behavior in the face of scary times that may otherwise prompt reserve.”       

It’s April Fools weekend!  That sounds like the perfect response!    

Opening reception Saturday, April 3 from 7-10PM (Show runs through 5/31/10)    

Monte Vista    

5442 Monte Vista Street (2 blocks W of Figueroa Street at Avenue 55)    

Los Angeles 90043    

http://www.montevis taprojects. com/current. html    

 Clown Town City Limits     

This dark, sketch comedy/improv presentation by 2HeadedDog [Jim Turner, Mark Fite, Craig Anton, Dave (Gruber) Allen] offers up a quartet of clowns on the worn-thin, trailer-park-fringe of this business we call show.  Jealousy will rage.  Profanity will spew.   Red hair will be worn.    

With music by Andy Paley    

Probably the most subversive Easter Sunday night you will ever spend.    

Sunday,  April 4 @ 8:00PM (and the First Sunday  of every month)    

The Steve Allen Theater @ Center for Inquiry – West    

4773 Hollywood Blvd    

Los Angeles 90027    

(323) 666-4268 


For tickets, click below:  


Ready?  U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat says:

    It was really fun, Kim, so thanks for the recommendation! Last chance tonight!

    1. So glad you liked it, Pat! Happy April Fools w/e!

    2. And thanks so much for reading U Want 2 Go Go!

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