Raymond Chandler’s Bay City: The Westside…hard-boiled

If you’re  obsessed with all things Raymond Chandler (And really, if you’re reading a blog about offbeat L.A., how could you NOT be…?) and you’re born in March, then you are in double luck, my Go Go friend.

Esotouric, the always-edifying, ever-fascinating bus tour company of all things  eclectic  is offering their occasional tour of  Westside Los Angeles about which Chandler’s iconic private detective Phillip Marlowe noted that “the bright gardens had a haunted look…as though the sunshine itself had a mysterious something in its light” and stripper Dolores noted that “The streets are paved with forgotten husbands!”

 See if you agree with  Marlowe and Dolores, especially if you have a March birthday  or take the tour with someone who does; your ticket (or your March-born pal’s) will be $3.33 if one of you pays full price.

C’mon, what else are you going to do?  Go home and play with your fingerprint collection…?  (Whadya think?  Of  course Chandler wrote that!)

Esotouric’s Raymond Chandler’s Bay City Tour

Saturday, March 27

Check in at 11:30AM/Departure at 12:00PM sharp/Return at 4:00PM

Tour starts and ends at

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

9341 Venice Boulevard

Culver City 90232

Tickets: $58 or $3.33 for those with March birthdays

To purchase tickets or for more information:


Clarification: The March 8th, U Want 2 Go Go post  “Esotouric’s Crawling Down Cahuenga”  suggested  that tour leaders Kim Cooper and David Smay collaborated on a book about Tom Waits.   In fact, Cooper and Smay have collaborated on two anthologies and Cooper has  also written a solo book for 33 1/3 but David Smay is the sole author of Swordfishtrombones about Tom Waits and published by 33 1/3. 

Sign up for the April 3rd, “Crawling Down Cahuenga” tour before it sells out!

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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