THE AMAZING L.A. RACE: multi-task your fun

Read the following and check all that apply:

A)  Your hyperactive relatives are coming into town and want to do something “different”…again.

B)  You were the (secretly smug) whiz on all of those school/scouts/slumber party scavenger hunts.        

C)  You KNOW you would dominate on a reality show but it’s just too embarrassing to admit much less sign up.

If you checked one or more of the above, then you should also check out The Amazing L.A. Race.  You and a team (which can be just you and a pal or up to eight of the aforementioned relatives…or friends… or you and an existing team) start at a Location-to-be-Revealed-Upon-Sign-Up-and-Confirmation where you’re given a clue that, when solved, leads to more clues at Los Angeles landmarks, both well-known and off-the-radar.   The first team to solve the clues and cross the finish line wins prizes and, of course, the even more important bragging rights….   Even natives will see Los Angeles in a whole new light after this on-the-ground, embrace your  city AND your inner tourist experience. 


$69 per person

11:00 A.M.  on Saturday, March 13th and Sunday, March 14th

Check website below for the many other dates throughout the year as well as well as to sign up and get further details.

Ready?   U Know U Want 2 Go Go….

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