Wanted: Fun-loving blog followers for good times. 

You: Must love travel, food, fun, have a sense of humor, enjoy the offbeat and unpredictable. 

Me: Will share  the quirky event, the under-the-radar tip, the “Ooh, let’s do this!”  suggestion.

Will deliver L. A. fun daily but go further  afield to mix it up.  Will tickle your fancy with upcoming monthly features:   “Go Go Here” (hand-picked highlights of L.A. ‘hoods), “Go Go Know” (interesting interviews with interesting people) and  “Go Go Do” (theme-based fun!)  Will feed your wanderlust with links to “The Big Go Go” (an occasional travel blog to far-flung lands) 

Goal: Mutual fun, frolic and festivity.

Ready?  You know you want to go go….